Wake of Forgiveness: A novel by Bruce Machart book trailer

Bruce Machart tells an epic story of a Texas family at the turn of the century – A family of men led by a father, emotionally crippled following the death of his wife while in childbirth to their fourth boy, Karel. From an early age Karel proves so talented on horseback that his father enlists him to ride in acreage-staked horse races against his neighbors culminating in the ultimate high-stakes race against a powerful Spanish patriarch and his alluring daughters. Hanging in the balance are his father’s fortune, his brother’s futures, and his own fate. Fourteen years later, with the stake of the race still driven hard between him and his brothers, Karel is finally forced to dress the wounds of his past and to salvage the tattered fabric of his family.

With rich descriptive language and a cadence as deliberate and determined as the people and horses of the story, Wake of Forgiveness compels us to consider the inescapable connections between sons and their mothers, between landscape and family, and between remembrance and redemption.

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