The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes – teaser trailer

Two damaged outsiders. Two impossible people.
Locked in a bloody dance, a dance which will end in death.
For one of them…
Chicago, 1931. Harper is a man out of time — with all the time in the world to stalk and kill his shining girls. The objects he lays by their violated bodies are more than just clues: they are the glittering threads of his obsession, a web of sick satisfaction glowing at him through the years. But these things have to be right.
And if a girl lived to tell the tale, well, that would have to be fixed.
Chicago, 1992. Kirby knows there’s something strange about the man who nearly killed her — aside from being a violent psychopath. Rejected by those who should help her, she searches for the others, the girls who didn’t make it.
What Kirby finds is… impossible. The murders are scattered across the decades, accompanied by totally contradictory evidence. But for a girl who should be dead, impossible doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…
COMING MAY 2013! From HarperCollins