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Wood by Robert Dunbar

“Blessed is the creature that knows its purpose.”

Woods surround a blighted section of a nameless city, and at night something creeps forth into the streets, something that preys upon humans … and may ultimately replace them.

* * *

“Mesmerizing … unnerving.”
~ Literary Mayhem

“Honest-to-God terrifying and emotionally wrenching.”
~ Horror World

“Leaves an indelible impression on the reader’s heart and mind.”
~ Southern Rose Productions

“If you have not yet read anything by Robert Dunbar, you are doing yourself a disservice. WOOD is his latest dark literary masterpiece.”
~ Famous Monsters of Filmland

* * *




A tale of the unexpected written in wonderful prose. Creepy and about other things that lurk in the woods. The story flows with an eerie pace, it did not go down the route I expected and I was left a bit puzzled at the end in how it finished. The monster seems to be more intelligent that you would expect. The author has done well in NOT just creating an average story of survival where a monster maims and kills off the characters. This is not a gory horror tale but more written in a throwback homage to the classic horror stories featuring strange goings-on. An Enjoyable little read of strangeness and creatures.


“Coralled by the decaying neighbourhood, this mean patch of wood radiated malice . Nothing good grew. Not here. Not ever. Thickets strangled one another. Thorny vines bristled, concealing rusted coils of wire and barrels of waste. A few birds scurried like aerial rodents, though even rats barely survived here now.”

“Hidden in shadows, the cat had watched human beings do things to one another- right here in this alley more often than not- that approached levels of savagery of which few animals could boast.”

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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 07 April 2012

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