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The Scrubs by Simon Wood

James Jeter, the notorious serial killer with a sixth sense, holds court inside London’s Wormwood Scrubs Prison. He’s the focus of the “North Wing Project.” Under the influence of a hallucinogen, Jeter can create an alternative world known as “The Rift” containing the souls of his victims. Pardons are on offer to inmates who’ll enter The Rift. Michael Keeler has nothing to lose and little to live for. He’s sent into The Rift to learn the identity of Jeter’s last victim.

It’s a mission where the guilty can be redeemed, but at a price…

Simon Janus is the horror identity for the award winning thriller writer, Simon Wood. The Scrubs was first published in hardback and paperback in 2008.

“The Scrubs is one merciless piece of work.”
— Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Coffin Country

“The Scrubs…it’s a journey to a Twilight Zone of our time.”
— Mort Castle, author of The Stranger

“Lean, mean fear machine – The Scrubs is gruesomely inventive entertainment.”
— Simon Clark, author of This Rage of echoes

“This is, simply put, an incredible novella.”
— Michael Arnzen, author of Bitchfight and Play Dead

“The Scrubs is a superb, fast-paced journey through the hell of incarceration…and way, way beyond.”
— Tim Lebbon, author of Dawn

“If you are looking for a quick read that is sure to leave you breathless until the final page is turned, you cannot do any better than The Scrubs.”
— Horrorworld

“This is a fascinating, disturbing journey.”
— Dark Discoveries Magazine

“A surreal horror trip.”
— Horror Fiction Review

My Review

Wow this is one hell of a creative novella and i want more from this writer! This story creates in my mind a Lovecraftian/Clive barker feel to it. A skilled writer who I am sure will have alot to offer to this genre of writing who as been writing crime novels before this. This was $1 in kindle store and well worth the price does not take long to read, one sitting. Highly recommend it.

“Do you know what wormwood is?” “You mean the prison?” Cady asked, puzzled. “No, the herb.” “Never heard of it.” “Wormwood is the core ingredient of absinthe.” Cady shrugged. “Absinthe used to be all the rage until it was found to be a poisonous hallucinogen. The drink is outlawed in the States and watered down in Europe.” “All because of its wormwood content?”

“Before the prison, this place used to be a scrub of wormwood.” “The prison has been here over a hundred years.” “Yes, and the wormwood has never stopped growing. We’re forever having to do construction work to prevent the foundation from collapsing

“If we can get the Rift under control, it could be the greatest virtual reality game the world has ever seen. Imagine it, you get to go inside someone else’s reality and go head-to-head with it. Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, they would be history.”

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 23 July 2011

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