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The Pack by Jason Starr

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If you happen to notice anyone become suddenly very active a fast runner and have a large appetite and delicacy for meat not well done you would not think twice about it. If his meat is served on a plate with nothing else, no vegetables, just one grand slab of bloody steak sitting on plate you should have some concern and then there is a noticeable hair growth and the lack of need of Viagra all hours going ons you better really be concerned. The persons hearing will greatly be increased, something you say in another room in a low voice would be known by the recently gifted one.

The main protagonist in this story a father of one boy and wife to a business woman is about to feel the pinch and be in a situation where he loses his job. He becomes a home alone dad for his kid while his wife earns the money. There are many fathers who would love to be in his shoes. He finds it hard and a chore at first but one stroll to a park he discovers other men babysitting also. Now group of guys relating to each others situation is all fine and dandy but when you get invited back for a guys evening meal with only steaks on a plate take it as a warning you about to be part of a pack.
In history people have found the need to part of something a group a gang a tribe or clan.
There are always leaders of these groups chieftains, captains of football teams and armies.
There is one leader of the pack who bent on recruiting new blood an this group you are about to learn of may well be thee most powerful and high libido orientated pack you are about to partake in by way of this story that Jason Starr has created.

The main protagonist Simon is about to feel and enjoy things in ways he has never thought possible with deadly and bloody consequences. Jason Starr has penned mysteries and thrillers previously and has done well here with something different. His own angle on the urban fantasy story of other becomings and beings with writing that really hooks you in and thoroughly entertaining and hypnotic. In the meantime I am watching out for any extra hair growth, until the next time Jason Starr takes me eagerly back again to The Pack in his sequel.
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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 24 April 2012

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