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The Hiding Place by David Bell


Sometimes it’s easier to believe a lie . . .

Twenty-five-years ago, four-year-old Justin Manning disappeared. Two months later his body was found in a shallow grave in the woods, shocking the small town of Dove Point, Ohio.

Janet Manning has been haunted by her brother’s death since the day she lost sight of him in the park. Now, a detective and a reporter are asking questions, raising new suspicions and opening old wounds. But if the man jailed for the murder is innocent, who did kill Justin?

At the same time a stranger appears at Janet’s door claiming to know the truth and a high school friend returns, with his own confused memories of what happened. Janet thought she’d put the past and guilt behind her. But now the truth about her brother is heartbreakingly close – has she the courage to find it?

Immerse yourself in David Bell’s wonderfully gripping UK debut The Hiding Place and unravel the truth which lies buried in Janet’s past…

My Review

A gripping tale that reels you in and has you wanting to know the truth.
A crime long gone, more than twenty years passed, and one man in prison for the crime. New information and faces unearth this crime that would have been proven more accurately if modern forensics were to hand in the past when this family faced their loss.
This story read like a Harlan Coben story with an apt twist in its tale.

Gripping and tragic story of a murdered child a lost brother a lost son.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 01 March 2013