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The Five by Robert McCammon

Subterranean Press is proud to present Robert McCammon’s first contemporary novel in nearly two decades, a tale of the hunt and unlikely survival, of the life and soul, set against a supernatural backbeat. Robert McCammon, author of the popular Matthew Corbett historical thrillers (Speaks the Nightbird, Mister Slaughter), now gives us something new and completely unexpected: The Five, a contemporary novel as vivid, timely, and compelling as anything he has written to date.

The Five tells the story of an eponymous rock band struggling to survive on the margins of the music business. As they move through the American Southwest on what might be their final tour together, the band members come to the attention of a damaged Iraq war veteran, and their lives are changed forever.

The narrative that follows is a riveting account of violence, terror, and pursuit set against a credible, immensely detailed rock and roll backdrop. It is also a moving meditation on loyalty and friendship, on the nature and importance of families those we are born into and those we create for ourselves and on the redemptive power of the creative spirit. Written with wit, elegance, and passionate conviction, The Five lays claim to new imaginative territory, and reaffirms McCammon’s position as one of the finest, most unpredictable storytellers of our time.

My Review

The song track ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC comes to mind and as I am singing this chorus I think of the band featured in this novel The Five and their very rocky journey in a kind of hellish circumstances. This is an excellent rock and roller story that is fully of high quality storytelling that should be absorbed in small doses. Within you will find characters that have some good old rock and roll demeanor with some darkness. Writing with a quality of excellence that really makes you forget time and feel that you want the story to be even more longer.
The five are about to be catapulted to stardom due to unconventional occurrences, that they could have never fathomed to occur. They find that hits of their YouTube views and other media outlets rise due to a death toll rise.
This story does cover a lot to do with rock and roll and all that comes with it and also you will find the story covers a journey of resolution and discovery. The author Robert hits the cords right and strings out a melody that touchs the heart with themes of pain, loss and survival.
He really is an masterful writer and communicates here about the horrors of war, the delight of human struggle and the love of music.
This novel would definitely appeal even more to fans of music bands, artists and also veterans of war.
Without giving too much away there is an element to this story, that Robert is known for, involving that which the human eye cannot see.
The length of the novel and a band being the main feature of the story at first seemed daunting and I was wondering how he was going to make it an interesting read. Once I started and embarked upon this journey of The Five I was really in praise of awesomeness!
Definitely one to remember, that lurks behind in the mind for a time.

“He is proficient with his rifle, but a pistol is a different animal. You have to be close. You can easily miss with a pistol, unless you’re really close. He has always thought of a pistol as a defensive weapon, a rifle as offensive.”

“Business was booming among this demographic. He saw blue,red and purple flames tattooed on bald heads. He saw faces transformed into Escher artwork. He saw the calligraphy of a hundred hues written across shoulders and chest and breasts and stomachs, each man and woman their own Book of Life. Here, dancing and capering, was a bearded figure whose original colt of birthflesh had disappeared beneath the new skin f blue ink and black proclamations; there whirling ’round and ’round was a topless female with red pigtails and an intricate painting of a multicoloured dragon clinging to her back, its arms extending down across her shoulders and the black tails of its claws circling her nipples. Technicolor serpents coiled around throats, arms, thighs and calves. Flowers grew from navels and foreheads were crowned by shooting stars and pentagrams. Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Alice Cooper and Hitler pushed their faces forth from sweat-glistening meat. And there in the crowd…and there…and over there….stood in this blur of constant motion the few motionless figures who stood staring at the performers on the stage with eyes in a visage no longer recognisable as being earthly; they were creations from another realm, a strange and frightening beauty of human matter craved upon and recoloured by needles both the insane and awesome. The was a face made of layered scales like the gray hide of a desert lizard; there was a face created from a dozen interlocking other faces like a grotesque human jigsaw puzzle; and there was the face that was none at all, but rather a pair of eyes, nostrils and a mouth suspended against a bruised-coloured, crackled parchment of indecipherable markings. It seemed to Nomad to be a document of rage.”

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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 28 February 2012

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