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The Christmas Spirits by Whitley Strieber

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George our main protagonist, is a despised man a Scrooge of the Commodities business.
He is too learn some real lessons in life, he will encounter a journey that will shake his soul . One of the characters that would visit George have frog like faces dominated by a huge mouth and great fly-like eyes. This is not a scare you stiff horror but a heart warming story of what kindness can do and a stark warning of what the darkness of the heart can lead to. George will have no choice but to learn one lesson and that is the greatest joy, far greater than the power of riches, is the power to give to others in need. This story would touch you’re heart in humanness and give you time to contemplate on the more worse off than you. A story that could bring you to tears of sadness and joy, flows well and really hooks you in, one that can be read in two to three hours max.
This is a story, about the scrooges of the world, that has been told many times before but never overdone and presented here with a new style and characters and with it’s own magic.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 01 December 2011

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