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The Bone Tree by Christopher Fulbright

Above a Civil War graveyard in the backwoods of Texas, Kevin and Bobby’s treehouse was their haven against the world. But the day Tom Plecker comes screaming through the creek below, terrified of a shadow man, that all changes. Walking Tom home they see it — the tree, its branches twisted like the pain-wracked frame of a fleshless corpse, knotty snarls of bone-white wood clawing the sky. The Bone Tree is more than a stark, twisted visage. It’s alive, and it’s gaining power. When the shadow men come to call on the boys, they must fight a supernatural force they barely understand…





This was a pleasant surprise of a story a real gem. The Bone Tree an insidious presence in a cemetery, is not the only horrors in this story. What made it that much better than just a horror story was the growing up problems the buddies in this story faced. The main protagonist a white kid tells of his youth and their discovery of the bone tree and his best pal a black kid Bobby. He takes us through his horror of bullying and racism due to being best buddies with someone they don’t approve of. He tells us of his worries of death and the fear of what evil lurks in the shadows and the mysterious bone tree.
This story is written so well and does not let up at all it hooks you in, it has a style similar to that of many big writers out there and is an example of some really good storytelling. I do hope to read more from this author.

“The trunk of the tree was thick; it’s roots were bunched and gnarled rising from the earth in every direction from it like the knobby knuckles of broken hands. It split out from its trunk in many directions, looking very much like graphing claws; branches twisted like the pain- wracked frame of a fleshless corpse. At each bend there was a knotty snarl of twisted wood, like diseased elderly joints. It had been struck by lightening; it was split and shocked. Still it grew. Somehow though, there was not a shred of greenery or life upon it. It was backless and stark white.
The living bones of death.”

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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 26 February 2012

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