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Snake Eyes by Joseph D’Lacey

TWO novellas by the man who Stephen King says “ROCKS”!

An isolated, drought-choked village. A starving community. When something big, red and inhuman crash-lands in a cabbage field, the villagers are divided: is this a scrumptious dragon for the barbecue or a toxic demon to be destroyed? And what if it’s something else entirely?

Robert Johnson dreams of spiders, thousands of them. When he wakes, the true nightmare begins: a tube has been attached to his head – to everyone’s – but he’s the only one aware of it. His cozy suburban life unravels into paranoid hallucination as Johnson fights to free himself from the control of unseen forces.

“Joseph D’ Lacey rocks!” Stephen King
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A man of will and experience
Those with Arachnophobia best take care reading.
Gripping from the offset he lands you in the thick of the drama and hooks you in this original complex story.
It’s short but definitely a brain teaser of a story and needs 100% attention on reading. I found some places slightly hard to comprehend due to divide between the dreamlike and reality.
There is plenty mention of Cabals, tiers and follicles. Shifting through the surreal and reality in an intelligent labyrinth of bizarre and fantastical other states of being.

A trespasser in Long Lofting
In a far away land villagers of Long Lofting witness a demon fall from the skies. Some claim it to be a dragon and wish to eat it but others believe it to be a Demon and all is to soon to find out its true form. But is it too late for the villagers?
Very soon the village women folk will be in a deep stupor of wanting for its grand attribute. Will the village men safe guard all?
This novella is written in an easy flowing fashion of creativity and quite entertaining. I preferred this story out of the two due to its easiness to comprehend.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 20 December 2011

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