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The Readymade Thief by Augustus Rose




“The Readymade Thief is smart and strange, full of lovely Duchampian tricks and treats. Augustus Rose has infused his thriller with the true Dada spirit, nothing is quite what it seems. I loved it.” (Audrey Niffenegger)

“In his highly addictive and multi-aceted first novel, Augustus Rose pits an irrepressible and gritty young heroine against a sinister group of fanatics. The Readymade Thief is a kickass debut from start to finish.” (Colson Whitehead, author of ‘The Underground Railroad’)

“Fiendishly intricate and relentlessly suspenseful.” —O, The Oprah Magazine

“A rewarding novel full of pleasures and surprises. Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, it took me somewhere stranger and deeper than I could have imagined. A rich, heady mix of ideas and thrills.” (Charles Yu, author of ‘How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe’)

“Augustus Rose shows that he has one of the steadiest hands in fiction … Rose has crafted something memorable, crackling with energy, a truly wonderful tale.” (Kevin Wilson, author of ‘The Family Fang’)

“viscerally and intellectually exciting”
—The Wall Street Journal

“A richly detailed intellectual thriller.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“Drawing heavily on theories of art history and physics, and the mystery is deep and satisfying in both its unpredictability and its culmination.”
—Kirkus Review

“Rose nimbly pulls threads of pop culture, art history, science, and mysticism into an addicting knot of connections and possible conspiracies.”
—San Francisco Book Review



Société Anonyme
Crystal Castle
Thrumm kids
Delivery Boy
Station Master

She started thieving small, at a young age, her skill grew and stole to order, she learnt it to a fine art, twisting and turning through spaces. One doorway leads her into an unrelenting road of cat and mouse.  She follows a trail of breadcrumbs that ultimately will lead to deciphering the chaos around.
A female Houdini who could stay in the shadows and be invisible but then she finds others that there are others within the  shadows that want something she has. After some rocky roads and crossing paths with the Station Master finds some comfort in Tomi who helps her find her way through dark places creeping but will she find stability and safety from those after her, will she find answers or just another dead end in the maze her life is?
You find Lee a likeable main female protagonist, that the author has characterisation done well and there can be an empathy with the reader due to this. Her plight in the authors careful hands weaved in a clever plot.

This is a cerebral mystery with uncomplicated writing in the vein of a kind of writer who could have easily been one that went to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) had enough reading Dan Brown, studying Leonardo Da Vinci, Duchamp and watching Thomas Crown Affair and decided to write something that could combine all these worlds.
Augustus Rose does well in having a tapestry of the tale, the puzzle finished in the readers mind ruminating for a while.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 09 August 2017