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Pitch Dark by Steven Sidor

Pitch Dark is a taunt visceral supernatural thriller!
Reminiscent of Clive Barker and Scott Nicholson and probably influenced by work of H.P Lovecraft. Story is real page-turning one you would want to read in at least two sittings written well and plays out in you’re mind like scenes from TV series Supernatural.
An Artifact of great importance is in need and those who speak of the most evil desire it!

“It was pitiful.
The dead were totally unaware of their condition.
Horus frowned at their predicament. He wanted to help get
them free.
Death always held more fascination than life for him. Every
time he killed someone his conviction was reconfirmed.
Death begat possibilities.
The dead gave his life meaning. He couldn’t have survived
without them.
Earlier today, his journey pushed up the asphalt river into southern Wisconsin. The land of Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer. Ghosts flocked the heavens. They perched in treetops and swooped down the valleys. Horus fought the urge to acknowledge them. He had a full agenda of business to conduct.”

“You see stones are technology. Old, old technology. The thirst tools humans
made were stones. They elevate us above animals. Nearly all major
religions incorporate the stone as a symbol of their foundation.
‘The stone the builders. rejected has become the cornerstone’
Refers to jesus. Go back pre-Christ. To Stonehenge. The Mayans carved stellae. Mystery spheres in Costa Rica.The Dome of Rock. The Black Stone at Mecca. Jacob’s Pillow that was said to cry out for rightful kings and queens. The Philosopher’s stone.
The Freemason’s Ashlar. Druidic runes. Scrying stones and crystal balls. The Urim and Thummim. Worry stones and rosary beads.
New Age healing crystals . . . it goes on and on.”
“What does our stone do?”
“The Pitch religion is no different from its daylight counterparts.People yearn for rituals. Something they can see and touch. This stone is their central relic, at the very core, of their beliefs.”
“Which are?”

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 24 August 2011

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