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Lake Country by Sean Doolittle

“Sean Doolittle is a young writer with serious chops,” says George Pelecanos, and Laura Lippman calls him “hip, smart, and mordantly funny.” Now the acclaimed author of Safer returns with a mesmerizing story of tragedy, revenge, and redemption.

“As long as there are writers like Sean Doolittle out there, American crime fiction has got a sterling future ahead of it.”—Dennis Lehane

Lake Country, Sean Doolittle has out-Fargoed Fargo. Already a master of Midwestern noir, he takes a huge, novelistic leap with his newest work, a complex, quirky, and tremendously satisfying story of revenge and redemption. If you haven’t yet read a Doolittle novel, you’ve missed the cutting edge of crime fiction today. Trust me, this guy is the future.”—William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of Northwest Angle

My Review

Wade Benson has to his name a crime that many feel has been overlooked and has not been dealt with enough punishment. He knows too well though every time he looks into his daughters face that the face of a dead girl will haunt him. Courts gave him five years probation period. Once a year, on the anniversary of the dead girl, he will spend 48 hours incarcerated. Something happens close to home on his admission to jail. The whole situation gets a bit of a mess not professionally organized and planned. A reward is put forward and the plot thickens as a motley crew of men enter the scene on pursuit for some hefty cash. It all pans out and proves to be a session of thrilling fast paced reading. There are two characters who are worth making note of they are Barlow and Potter two ex-marine corp buddies who served together in Iraq. They have the good fortune of being back in the USA alive from being in the worst danger zones. The don’t at present have the good fortune of a great job or pockets filled with cash. Will they be the hunted or the hunters?

This story is packed into a neatly sized thriller that demands to be read in one sitting.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 30 July 2012

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