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Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany


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An adequate title for a tale of Hearts broken in sorrow and in loss.
A family breakup divorced parents one man with two kids one boy and girl, the girl, a teen, is about to tackle a very big stumbling block in her passage of time and many changes. The author does well in writing chapters from differ points of view of the involved characters in this family tale of tragedy. The young girl searches for truths in her mothers past and uncovers things that need answering from her father and others. As her new future is to take on a new woman, a step mother, the timing couldn’t have been more ill timed. No one knew of the fate that had taken course but as the story unravels you will discover that due to certain knowledge and behaviors some characters had they could have possibly prevented the sad fate. Your heart goes out to this young girl and boy due to the way their lives turned course, the care the teenager daughter had undertaken to look after her mother, and the darkness they had to come to terms with.
Will she be able to embrace her new mother?
This story tries to deal with this question, and all the circumstances and particulars, before and after the death that a family already broken had to deal with.
A poignant and heart warming tale written with emotions and memorable characters.

“I couldn’t speak. There were no words. He shut the door quietly behind him and I opened my mouth wide, my insides twisting tighter and tighter. I wanted to scream. I felt desperate to get the pain out of my body, but no sound would come. Only tears.
She was gone. Mama was gone. She’d never hug me again never tell me that I’m smart and pretty. A slideshow flashed through my brain, one image clicking after another. Mama climbing into bed with me at night, rubbing my back, whispering a lullaby in my ear to help me fall asleep. Mama standing in front
of the stove, stirring the lemon chicken soup she made only when
one of us was sick. Mama laughing, her mouth open wide and her blue eyes sparkling; Mama curled up in her bed, Max on one side, me on the other. Mama crying, telling us Daddy wasn’t coming home anymore. Telling us we were on our own. Mama holding me this morning, saying she loved me so much.”

“I couldn’t imagine putting away all of Mama’s things in a cold, dark storage room. I wanted to have them with me. I wanted to smell her perfume and wear her clothes; I wanted to wrap myself in the blanket she used to cuddle with me under on the living room couch. I want
her not to be dead.”

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 25 March 2013