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Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry

Three criminals arrive to Pine Deep, one of them is more sinister than the rest, a wanted Killer! Is that all the evil that lurks in Pine Deep? No!
This is a dark atmospheric supernatural thriller. I can see why Maberry was awarded the Bram Stoker award for this, he’s a great writer really immerses you in the blood pulsing thrill, a real page-turner. The story plays out like an episode of Supernatural. I am hooked, line and sinker!
He’s developed a really good protagonist and characters like The Bone Man, Tow-truck Eddie, and The Dark Man all written in a good prose.
“Evil don’t die it just waits”
that’s what the Boneman quotes in this story and it’s more gripping thriller stuff than being a haunting or gory story. You feel we only get glimpse of alot of his characters in this book due to it being a trilogy I am looking forward to reading Bad Moon Rising the second book of the PIne Deep series.

“Hells a coming and we all gotta learn the blues”

“Dark Hollow was as dark as a tomb and as inviting as an open, beckoning grave; yet there were worse places in Pine Deep, places where the shadows were darker still and the air hummed with a malevolent tension. But these places were never named and they were never thought about by choice.Dark Hollow, a doorway to those other places, remained as the darkest place known consciously to the people of the town, and in its Way it was dark enough.”


Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 17 July 2011

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