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Dweller by Jeff Strand

If you ever happen to want to befriend a Bigfoot/Dweller there are rules.
1)You must not run away from the animal when you first sight it out of fear.
2)Make sure you have no stings attached, no family and no women.
3)Relocate the beast miles from humans.
4)Cover your tracks and make sure it’s not following you home and you are not leading people to it.
5)Never trust anyone with you’re secret.
6)Never get personal, when push comes to shove and things don’t go by the the rules you need to execute the beast swiftly and efficiently.
7)Last point from the time of befriending and until execution of the beast do not consume intoxicants or drugs, You must be in control!

This was a coming of age and a coming of retirement story. Boy and beast wonderful, there are a few nice stories and movies out there, The Bfg by Dahl and the movies Bigfoot and the Henderson’s and recently Where The Wild Things Are. Hold on let me rewind what I said a second and there are also stories of The Boy and Beast that are scary stories, where the beast kills and things turn tragic.
We watch Toby the boy grow through his youth to a man and deteriorate through old age. We follow him receiving brutal beating from school bullies and loosing his virginity to his first Love quite late in his youth.
The story follows his rather complicated friendship with the Bigfoot kind of beast friend of his. Jeff Strand the author, has written a engrossing plot that hooks you in and keeps you turning pages. This was a Bram Stoker award nominee and has got loads of great feedback from friends. The boy/man and beast story not made for Disney but created for an adult audience, Strand serves up plenty of blood and love. He defines the story in being a dark poignant story of friendship and horror instead of becoming just another boy and beast Disney-like story of friendship. This story is one that stays with you thoughts and is written well.
One lesson you can take away from this, or maybe a few lessons, are tread carefully in dangerous relationships, how long can you keep it a secret? When matters get beyond your control how are you going to end it?
If you happen to befriend any beasts tread carefully and during and until the end of the friendship, do not consume alcohol or take drugs you must always be in control! You do not want to let your Tongue slip about your dear friend while under the influence or invite any one for dinner with your beast.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 19 August 2011

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