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Dead Harvest (The Collector #1) by Chris F. Holm

He is a collector he collects from those marked for collection. One routine job is about to prove troublesome something goes wrong.
Whats to follow is he finds himself in company of a beautiful young girl with a harrowing and bloody past that she has no recollection of being part of.
Humorous moments, interestingly original and supernatural.
In a world where all is not what it seems and literally in this tale the main protagonist Sam ‘the collector’ knows and learns even more of this reality.
If there is a soul needing collection, Sam the collector is the man to call. Be he a kind of ghostbuster but he’s after souls a collector of the guilty stained souls.
The taking of a pure soul is forbidden and would result in catastrophic consequences.
The last thing the world needs is a battle between demons and angels.
Behind the face of evil, the blood and murder other forces have a part, be it djinns demons whatever name suits your fancy, this influence is ever ready to woo you along or possess you to evils. With other characters featured in this story with names like Merihem, Beleth and Lilith you know your dealing with other dominions.
Supernatural in a way that the tv-series Supernatural was thrilling, presented in pulpy and noir prose like the writing of Cain and Thompson.
There are quite a string of soul taking stories appearing out there now, but this with the noir blend has an edge and a cut above the rest.
He packs a twist in the tale and delivers with some nice lines of writing in this story.
This looks to be a character that would be carried on with successfully in the next book. Holm looks to be a writer with a promising future and has a lot more to offer to his readers after delivering a successful debut. The scope of the book is very ambitious in a not easy genre/theme to write in.

“The truth is, there’ve been thousands. Some, like Gardner, are so damn surprised they never even see it coming. Some spend their lives in fear of the moment, and catch my scent a mile away; they beg, they plead, they scream. In the end, it doesn’t matter –
I always get what I came for. And I remember each and every one of them. Every face. Every name.”


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Visit the Authors website @ http://www.chrisfholm.com
Publishers website @ http://angryrobotbooks.com/our-authors/chris-f-holm/
Also for an interview visit: How’d you get the Gun? A shotgunhoney interview with Chris F. Holm @ http://www.shotgunhoney.net/interviews/chris-f-holm

If you do like it, there is not long to wait for book 2 keep September 2012 noted for release of Book 2 The Wrong Goodbye.

(there is a taster chapter at the end of this book)

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 10 April 2012

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