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Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

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An epic story of self-discovery and Love and War.
Guys don’t be frightened away thinking it’s only for teen or girls there is plenty of action and adventure. It’s a page-turner with wonderful dark, mysterious and glorious characters.
Karou is the main protagonist that you will love more and more as the story unfolds and you will become in awe of her. She is a seventeen year old art student in Prague and also an errand girl to an inhuman creature Brimstone, who is the closest thing to family to her.
A girl of beauty with long azure hair and the eyes of a silent-movie star, she moved like a poem and smiled like a sphinx.
Brimstone her guardian, who raised Karou from birth, was a trader of teeth for magic beads.
To give you an idea of the characters in this story and the breed called the Chimera, i will describe to you Brimstone’s appearance. His arms and massive torso are human, he has clawed feet of a Raptor or Lizard and a head of a Ram. A flat ovine nose and reptilian eyes and giant yellow ram horns spiraled on either side of his face.
Karou travels to Brimstone and his shop via portals and when she leaves she can transport to any town needed from exotic places like Morocco to urban cities as Paris.
There are many questions Karou wants answered but one by one the answers descend upon her in rapid succession and her very status changes dramatically. She find herself in clash with another kind of species. He was not human and not from her world and yet something tied them together with the power to conduct her blood and breath like a symphony so that anything she did to fight against, it felt like discord, like disharmony with herself.
Amongst this emotion she needs answers, who exactly were the Chimera, and where had they came from?
Where there more of them?
And what about her? Who were her parents, and how had she fallen into Brimstone’s care? Was there another life she was meant to be living? At times she felt a keen certainty that there was a phantom life, haunting her from just out of reach.

There is also another set of questions that keep you gripped right through the story The Teeth, what the hell are they for?

You will find wonderful story telling and exotic settings that will stay in your mind for some time.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 24 September 2011

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