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Cursed by Jeremy C. Shipp

Your life is no longer recognizable, every detail corrupted by unknown forces. The harder you struggle, the more you suffer. Your words mean nothing, your actions backfire, and one by one everybody you know is sucked down with you.

You are:
1) Nick
2) cursed
3) afraid all the time

That’s because: a) someone or b) something is after you with a vengeance. Even with the help of other cursed people, you don’t stand a chance because you’re all, you know, cursed. That means you and everyone you know will:
1) suffer
2) die
3) amuse your tormentor

That is, unless you figure out how to manipulate the person behind this and turn their power against them. Check your list a second time because they’re probably on it. The only thing left to do is scratch them off.


Shipp is writing in a unique refreshing original style of his own. I can see how this strange goings on made it as a Stoker award finalist, nothing really bloody here but as one reviewer pointed out ‘Cursed is humorous while at the same time deeply philosophical.’ After reading the story and during reading it (now this is the crazy bit) i wanted to
1.Slap him in the face (if you have read it you would know what i mean!)
2.Burn of his mole

3.Take away his tennis ball and Gnomes

4.Stop him numbering, listing and scheduling

Was a joy to read never boring, one when you start reading you would not want to stop reading until you get the end. Maybe if i hang upside down for a while and ride on a Carousel for a long time i could try to conjure a story along a similar vein.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 12 August 2011

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