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Brother’s Keeper, a Novella by Glen Krisch

Some times the less you hear from family members the better. Imagine the notorious Bundies, Dahmers, Masons and Oswalds of this world the trail of fire and damage they leave behind for their families. This main protagonist of this story has a brother he would rather not hear off he has done bad in the past and is about to bring the unimaginable to fruition and make himself a mark in history. He receives knowledge, via an unexpected visit from his brothers ex-girlfriend, of his rebirth she speaks of new clean slate in life and finding of God. Living in a little no-name town in the middle of nowhere. One thing he knows is a Leopard doesn’t change his spots.
His sociopath brother is about to make history in the biblical way of things.
The girl manages to get him out into meeting his brother and bizarrely finds himself included his brothers cult plan.
His brothers talk of nature, rebirth, destruction and Cain and Abel.

The story hooks you from the offset and does not let up in momentum and page-turningness. It’s short a novella that leaves you eagerly in expectation of Book 1 of the saga with The Grant Brothers.

I had been meaning to read this authors other previous novels as there has been some good praise out there. His novels have nice artwork on the cover and good titles. This is another lesser known writer that should be up on the shelves in the main local bookstores.

Are you your brothers keeper?

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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 05 February 2012

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