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Brodmaw Bay by F.G. Cottam

When his young son is brutally attacked on his way home from school, James Greer decides he’s had enough. Disillusioned with London life and concerned for the safety of his family, he feels the time has come to move somewhere a little quieter. A chance discovery leads him Brodmaw Bay -a picturesque village on the coast of Cornwall. The locals are friendly and welcoming, if a little eccentric, and James is convinced he’s found the perfect home for his family.

But was it really sheer coincidence that drew him there? There seems to be an inexplicable connection between the village and Jame’s wife. And when strange sightings and dark nightmares start plaguing his children, it soon becomes clear that a greater and more sinister force is at work. Perhaps the village isn’t so much welcoming them as luring them. To something ancient and evil. As it has lured others before…

The author writes this dark tale well and you really get into the plight of this london family from the offset. The story starts with an incident that is very common in todays day and age, mugging. Many Londoners have done the same as this protagonist and up and left the lost London to the sticks and greener pastures. He chooses Broadmaw Bay or should i say it chose him to be part of  its rightful populace, i love his descriptions of London and Cornwall. He immerses you insidiously with an over shadowing dark presence of horrors and the dead. The House of Lost Souls his other novel looks also very creepy and haunting. This was a creepy and haunting read from a solid writer that is one to watch

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 11 November 2011

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