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Borealis by Ronald Malfi





On a routine crabbing expedition in the Bering Sea, Charlie Mears and the rest of the men aboard the trawler “Borealis” discover something unbelievable: a young woman running naked along the ridge of a passing iceberg. The men rescue her and bring her aboard the boat. But they will soon learn her horrible secret. By the time they find out why she was alone on the ice-and what she truly is-the nightmare will have begun, as one by one she infects them with an evil that brings about unimaginable terrors.


Malfi immerses you in a cold surroundings, with a person with strange abilities. A group of men on a fishing boat at sea spot a young naked girl in arctic conditions stranded on ice.
What is she doing in the middle of nowhere?
Where is she from?
Most people when they see a stranded person and naked would not turn their cheek and not help them to safety, they had really had no reason to not help. When she is rescued and on-board the vessel all things seem to deteriorate and go wrong starting with the gps system and on-board computers not working. The most important tools at sea are navigation systems and communications. Stranded now with a girl with no name help is needed and speedily.
The story was engrossing and interesting he achieves in making you feel the fear, isolation and cold weather.
Malfi seems to be turning out many good reads lately with some creative settings and characters.

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Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 26 February 2012

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