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Bled (A Dovetail Cove Novella) by Jason McIntyre

This story dishes up a dose of the darkness of the heart and one of the best doses of retribution in a while. A young woman who wants to break out from her low pay mundane job of waiting tables in a local cafe has the best ticket out of town grabbed literally away from her and finds herself in a stomach curling compromising position. Jason writes a dark tale well and has had good success with these tales in the likes of On Gathering Storm and Shed. He puts you into the thick of it and describes it all so well that you feel the pain and suffering alongside the characters. The stories he writes about at times go to some violent extremes in behavior but they are oh so very true goings on in this day and age. One luxury he has being self-published is that he can go as brutal as he wants in the writing without the cleaning up and cutting from publishers. This story like so many of his is one that with linger in the back of you’re mind for a while, it’s not all bleak there is some saving grace. A novella that packs a punch.

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 21 September 2011

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