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Patrick Rothfuss: “A Writer of Things” | Talks at Google

The Talks at Google program hosted Patrick Rothfuss in the Cambridge, MA, office on March 21st, 2014. Pat’s works are available wherever books are sold, including on Google Play: . Worldbuilders can be found at . The first two books in the Kingkiller Chronicle are a first-person account of the life of Kvothe, a notorious magician, an accomplished thief, a masterful musician, and an infamous assassin. He has made himself a legend – but the creator of a legend can also become its victim. “It is a rare and great pleasure to come on somebody writing the way (Patrick Rothfuss does).” – U. K. LeGuin Legendary fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss disappeared from public view some time ago. There is an innkeeper in a small town in the remote province of Wisconsin who looks vaguely like him if the light is dim enough and you’ve had enough drinks. You can find more Patrick Rothfuss paraphernalia at his sites: . As a note to fans, this video contains spoilers and plot discussions for the Name of the Wind, Wise Man’s Fear, and the Adventures of Princess and Mr. Whiffle. Cliff Redeker of the Talks at Google team facilitated the interview.