Child Labour in the Victorian England

This video is made by 5 students: Ajsa Delic, Ena Ahmic, Faruk Hodzic, Melisa Brackan & Zemira Mehmedovic. We are all students at the University of Tuzla, (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Department of English Language and Literature, 3rd year. This project was initiated by our English Literature Professor Dr. Damir Arsenijevic. Our task was to use our imagination in order to present what the life was like for children in the period of the Industrial Revolution. So through pictures, which illustrate the real state of children, and through texts, we wanted to show how the real situation looked like. Through accepting our history, we express our hope to find some meaning in experience, and in this particular case to never again let our children suffer like children in the Industrial Revolution had to… We hope that we succeeded in our attempt and that through this video you will be able to understand how difficult life for children was, and how unfair they were treated…

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