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The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum

A shocking story of abuse at the hands of an evil mother.
What was once a harmless game of fun that a group of friends played in a neighborhood turned into a game of torture and abuse.
Executed by the hands of kids ranging 7 to 13 and one wicked woman.
There was one boy who did not want to take part and tried to dissociate from what he was seeing.
The boy also fell in love with one of the girls, who was the person who was receiving the brunt of the violence.
She arrived in the neighborhood just recently with her sister, they were both orphaned after their parents died in an automobile crash.
The boy does not display or express his love for her. He finds himself caught in a situation that unearths other dark curiosities within himself.

A shocking graphic description of abuse that makes you want to shudder at disgust but an oh so very true story taken straight from today’s headlines. Ketchum writes this brutal story well and it is an intriguing page-turner which sticks you to the pages with an expectant rejoice for the victims salvation from this evil.

The evil band of kids portrayed in the movie..

Reviewed by Lou Pendergrast on 26 August 2011

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